Portrait of Joey

Josephine Hoy

I'm a graduate student of Human-Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington, where I focus on Human-Computer Interaction and critical, community-centered design.

My research and design interests include: ethical and value-driven design of sociotechnical systems, speculative design, and meaningful frictions that engender learning and development.

Professional memberships and codes of ethics: ACM

I believe in making things that matter.

Experience is a result of not only direct artifact design but also a result of the business model, the product requirements, the feature definitions, and the backlog prioritization.

Data may mark a spot, but criticality is a map and intuition a trail.

Technology is most powerful and engaging when it's designed to strengthen human connections.

Accessibility is a core requirement. Period.

It is just as exhilarating to be able to address known problems as it is to engineer a future that we haven't even imagined yet (put less diplomatically: there is no such thing as boring software, only boring people).

I collaborate with great teams.

I'm currently employed full-time as a Senior Technical Product Manager at a large company. Between work and school commitments and my personal projects, I'm pretty busy and fulfilled.

I welcome opportunities to provide mentorship—especially for anyone who is underrepresented and undersupported in the technology sector. Whether you're looking for research, career development, or you (like me!) struggle to find an intersection of industry and social good or effectively agitate your organization towards change, I'd love to chat. Feel free to reach out to me if you think I can be helpful!

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